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Apology to Princeton

Dear Villagers

Our e-mail update of Tuesday, 17 February contained a statement that may have reflected poorly on Princeton Security, for which Colin Maree (Princeton’s MD) has understandably taken us to task. The message stated that Princeton had “reneged” on its original offer of R10 000-R20 000 per month contribution to the HVCID Hub. Colin has informed us that Princeton’s original offer was made on the premise that it might be exclusively endorsed by the HVCID. When we moved to considering a dual-provider model we had to start taking into account the relative sizes, capacities and membership bases of ADT and Princeton in the Village. It is more correct to say that, in accordance with the dual-provider concept, Princeton withdrew its original offer and made a new offer based on its own relative membership base in the Village.

Subsequently, our investigation revealed that implementation obstacles (and not financial contributions) rendered the dual-provider model unworkable.

Throughout the negotiation and discussion process, the HVCID Steering team found Colin and his Princeton colleagues to be committed and sincere. Given the size of their business, their proposed contribution was no less generous than ADT’s. We are reminded that what brought us to consider the dual-provider model in the first place, was the loyal following that Princeton have developed in the Village, which we are enormously gratified with – two professional and competent providers operating in our area can only be good for us.

That being said, we wish to apologise to Colin and Princeton for the poor choice of words and thank them once again for being so passionately involved with our initiative to date.

We are in the process of updating the website and will inform residents what the details are of the HVCID process shortly


The HVCID Steering Team

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