Absolutely! None of your details will be provided to any outside company, except for ADT. Your details are so that we can keep track of numbers, get to know everyone in the village, provide you with the newsletter, and other relevant Community Improvement information.

There have been lengthy discussions about the options of having more than one security company, but eventually it was determined that this was not viable. The issues included the logistical difficulty of the companies working together, splitting up of the village, cross subsidization of business, and conflicts of interest.

HVCID receives sponsorship from Fidelity ADT to pay for the running of the CID, including our manager.

There is an option to sign up for street patrols only. This way you will have access to the HVCID manager, be able to call on Fidelity ADT in the streets and parks of Harfield Village, and you will be contributing towards the dedicated safety of the village.

That’s fine, then let us know here, so we have you on our list as a participating member and communicate with you about local security updates. This will also inform Fidelity ADT so that they can adjust your rates (possibly lower), if required. You will then be contributing not only to your own property, but also to securing the streets and providing dedicated patrol vehicles in the area.