Security Reportback – April

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Security Reportback – April


6 April @ 10h33 – Housebreaking and theft – 1st Avenue. Play station games stolen – SAPS were contacted.

12 April @ 05h57 – Malicious damage to property – 1st Avenue – Main gate fell onto vehicle and an unknown suspect tried to gain entry onto property. SAPS were contacted.

15 April @ 22h10 – Housebreaking in Cornwell Place – Access gained via garage door. Nothing was stolen. SAPS were contacted.


6 April – 12 April 2015

Common Robbery – Derby Road between 16h00 – 19h59 – Sutherland Road between 12h00 15h59.

Theft from Motor Vehicle – Lancaster Road between 16h00 – 19h50 – Gordon Road between 16h00 -19h59.

Theft General – Surrey Road between 08h00 – 11h59.

13 April – 19 April 2015

Residential Burglary – Derby Road between 16h00 – 19h59.

Domestic Violence – Bell Road between 08h00 – 11h50

Theft of Motor Vehicle – Derby Road – between 04h00 – 07h59.

Theft out of Motor Vehicle – Pfeffers Road – between 04h00 – 07h59 – 2nd Avenue – between 00h00 -03h59.


5 April 2015 @ 10h02 – Resident had a coloured male jump over her back wall and when she shouted at him he jumped back over into Gloucester Road. Delta 19 and Delta 20 with patroller responded but suspect had disappeared.

6 April 2815 @ 15h13 – A female was mugged on the corner of Surrey Road/1st Avenue by 3 coloured males in a white Corsa (Registration is Known). Suspects got away but ADT and SAPS were in attendance.

21 April 2015 @ 05h00 – Four wheels were stolen off a Corsa parked in Wessels Road. Vehicle was jacked up, 4 x coloured males were involved. Delta 20 with patroller responded. SAPS were informed.

23 April 2015 @ 17h55 – Lady was robbed of her cellphone and thrown to the ground by x 2 coloured males whole the other one was in the black Audi (Registration is Known). Resident in Wesley Street came to her assistance. Patroller responded.

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