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The latest news regarding the HVCID

The Steering Committee (Bruce, Lee, David and Jenny) co-opted the team who were putting the communication together (Julian, Tamsin and Caryn) and together met with Princeton on the 22nd January and ADT on 28th January.

The issues that were raised:

• If dual service providers, who administers and collects the R175 for the patrol/street only service?

• If dual, who manages the Hub?

• If dual, who finances the Hub and salary of the manager?

• If dual, how are the different radio frequencies controlled in the Hub?

• If dual, then the providers need to fund it equally.

The process had been fair and inclusive, and both parties had been given the same opportunity to participate. Deleted the sentence about Princeton Whilst the original intention was to find a way to work with both ADT and Princeton, it became increasingly clear that this would not work – practically, administratively and financially it was unbalanced. ADT is able to offer the infrastructure we need to make the CID work – the funding and the vehicles are crucial to the success of the CID. Princeton were not able to offer the same or similar at this time, and we will continue to monitor their growth as a business

It became clear that we choose one provider who could offer us the best deal financially and administratively – and this was ADT. With immediate effect the following would be implemented:

• 2 dedicated vehicles – with our HVCID Logo visible

• R20 000 per month for the creation and management of the Security Hub

• R350 + VAT per household with ADT

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