Meet Fidelity ADT’s Tommy Milakovic

Dear Harfield Village Residents,

I would like to introduce you to the Fidelity ADT team over the next few weeks.  These are the people who are invested in keeping us safe and secure.
First up is Tommy Milakovic, the Community Development Manager for Fidelity ADT.  I asked him a few questions to help us get to know him a bit better.

1.)  How long have you been at Fidelity ADT?
       “5 years… Wow, it went by fast!”

2.)  What do you bring to your job personally?
       “I am a passionate people person.  I value keeping people and families safe.  I was our neighbourhood watch Chair, I sat on the Bellville Community Police Forum (CPF) Exco.  I enjoy getting involved in communities, looking after and nurturing relationships with people.”

3.)  What is your most memorable experience with Fidelity ADT?
       “My first Harfield Village Market where we were the main sponsor and I got to meet the residents of Harfield and hear a bit about the Village history and I also loved the tour of the Church.”

4.)  What does the Village future look like to you?
       “I would love to see a safe environment where you can walk with your kids, play in the park and feel safe. I would like to see the main road buzzing with people enjoying the restaurants and commerce happening.  It would be great to have the vibe of the Village back and security has a big role to play in that!”

5.)  What do you appreciate about Fidelity ADT?
       “It is a large company and that is a good thing, as it has the resources to provide backup.  For example, if there is an issue there are other vehicles in the area to provide backup and help. Also, we have the funds to make an impact and offer more assistance where needed eg stepping in and providing extra security at our parks with a trailer and extra guard.”

Look out for next week’s Newsletter and Interview!

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