HVCID Newsletter March 2023

Dear Residents of Harfield Village,

Please take note that the Claremont Community Policing Forum is holding its
AGM on the 14 March, which is tomorrow, at 17:00. 
It will be held at St Ignatius Church Hall, Corner of Imam Haron and Wade Road. You are all encouraged to attend.

Please report any areas of concern to the City If the issue persists, please keep logging your complaint as areas are given priority by the number of complaints received. So the more you log, the more chance something will be done!
If they do not respond, please send me an email, with your reference numbers to follow up!  

The City continues to appeal to all of us to reduce water consumption…

Remember Har-Lyn Neighbourhood Watch. 
You can make a difference by giving a couple of hours of your time a week…
If you are interested please contact Penny Owens on 072 252 8571 or
email secretary@harlynwatch.org.za or info@harlynwatch.org.za

Please follow these basic guidelines if you need help or need to alert someone urgently…
Call: Police 10111 and Fidelity ADT Emergency: 086 1212 301
Also call Har-Lyn Neighbourhood Watch: 071 802 2454 (Please hold on the line if no one answers right away, as it will forward through to F-ADT).
Law Enforcement: 021 480 7700, From a landline: 107

Police (National): 10111, Police (Claremont): 021 657 2250
Police Sector 1 Manager – W.O. Wilkins: 079 894 1555
HVCID Manager – Jen Rowe: 081 412 6109 (9am – 5pm Mon to Fri) / admin@hvcid.co.za

City of Cape Town Emergency Services (When life or property is endangered by fire, accidents, natural disasters etc.): From mobile: 112; From Landline: 107
Metro Police & Traffic: 0860 765 423

CRIME REPORT :  (Please note that we are not allowed to report specifics)
The two dedicated F-ADT response vehicles for Harfield Village are D19 and D20.
Reported by Fidelity ADT: 1 – 21 February 2023
– Attempted Vehicle Theft – Leraar Street
Mileage per vehicle for February 2023: 
D19: 1815
D20: 2332
Callouts per vehicle for February 2023: 
D19:    75  
D20:  306

Incidents reported to SAPS: 1 – 28 February 2023
– Burglary at residential premises – Princes Road, Cambridge Street, Rutland Street
– House Robbery – York Street
– Robbery with a firearm – Imam Haron
– Common Robbery – 1st Avenue, Surrey Street
– Fraud – Surrey Street, Wessels Road         
– Driving under the influence of alcohol offense – Imam Haron x 2
– Theft General – 2nd Ave, Bedford Street        
– Theft of motor vehicle/motorcycle – Princes Road
– Theft out of motor vehicle – Imam Haron, Wesley Street
– Possession of presumed stolen property – 3rd Ave
– Possession of drugs – Imam Haron

As always stay safe!

Kind regards,
Jen Rowe and the HVCID team
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